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Refund Policy

SwiftGen Refund Policy  :

By purchasing this sponsored

post you understand that SwiftGen makes zero guarantee of any specific results or traffic from your purchased post. While you can

expect traffic in the range of 200-1k visitors per post, SwiftGen makes no guarantee on results. Due to the nature of this business,

no chargebacks will be accepted after the customer’s promotional post has been sent live to our accounts. This refund policy is in

place to protect both our network and our customers. Please cancel your post BEFORE your post goes live at your scheduled time.

Canceling before the post goes live will result in a full refund issued to the buyer.

Fulfillment Policy

Fulfillment policy:

All posts will be made at the scheduled time the buyer requests. Not all time slots will be available each day so

we recommend booking 24 hours in advance in order to lock in your desired post type and time. Any posts that do not go live on the

network will be refunded within two (2) business days

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