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SwiftGen's network reaches over 200M followers on Instagram and over 15M followers on snapchat. This audience covers a wide range of demographics including 13-17, 18-24, 25-35, and 35+. Our audience stretches to all 7 continents in the world and is capable of driving millions of interested viewers each day. 



With over 100 accounts in our network, we have a variety of  opportunities for every budget. Our network has the capability of driving over 10M views per day to any given post. If you are looking to start smaller, we can do that, if you're looking for over 10M views per day, we can do that too! Our project managers can help any customer with any sized budget!


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A large Advertising campaign on an account with low engagement isnt worth your money. Here at SwiftGen, we work each day to be sure that all of our followers are engaged via likes, comments, and DM's every day. We actively remove followers from our account who seem to be fake/bot accounts. 60% of our audience engages with our posts on a weekly basis!


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Each sponsored post that is pushed to the entire SwiftGen network of Instagram and Snapchat accounts can expect about 500k actions per day. We classify actions as: Website visits, app downloads, or small ecommerce sales. Sending 500k real actions in one day is unheard of, until now. 


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